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Differently-abled Employees in India

The menus are in place, coffee is ready to get brewed, the staff is dressed up, ready to serve and the shutter lifts up to welcome the customers. But, all your orders are going to fall on deaf ears here.
Upon entering the Costa Coffee outlet in Green Park, South Delhi, everything seems as normal as it is at any other coffee house, hence it takes a while to notice that the outlet is operated by hearing and speech impaired employees.

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The menu not only caters to the taste buds but also speaks a language that people won’t hear at every cafe or restaurant in the country. Flex your biceps for ordering a strong coffee, adjust the size of your fingers to show the size of your cup or make a shape of a house with both your palms for a take-away order. Easy and interesting, right?
“It is just like playing dumb charades. Placing my order in different ways is fun. What I feel when I am here is something I cannot explain in words. The vibes are so positive and the staff always smiles at you with warmth,” says Srishti Kataria, a student of the Amity University, Delhi NCR.

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