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3 Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Kshitij Kumar, CEO, Del Medix

As an aspiring entrepreneur here are my three tips.
First, always dream big. Every year in this country there are 15 lac engineers produced there are like around four thousand doctors produced but always do remember how are they contributing to the society and in what manner and do understand that you have a lot of potential in you. So that one dream has a lot of potential. Always think bigger, think from a bigger perspective.

Second, hold on. I remember my friends who complimented me when I reached a valuation of 40 crores. One of my friends came up to me and he said that the difference between you and me is that even I had some ideas. I thought about them for one day or one week or one month then I left them.
I left it you did not. So hold on to that dream that you saw.

And the third one is persevere. There will be challenges there is no joy in life without challenges and this whole experience I could share with you because I had challenges so don’t back down because of challenges. Keep raising the bar of your life