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7 Strategies Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know To Make A Website Stand Out

Take The First Step Right Away If you don’t yet have a website (and perhaps have been putting if off), get a domain name and hosting ASAP, as it can nip procrastination in the bud. Just seeing you have a site can be very motivating to take the next steps.

Create A Mood Board This is a visual representation for your brand–the feeling you want people to have when they look at your site and everything you do. Use pinterest to create a board with pictures and quotes that capture this mood, and refer back to this board whenever you release anything for your brand.

Colour Is Everything Get very clear on the colors you’re going to use. You should have 1-2 focus colors, which appear most often on your site, and 2-3 complementing colors, which don’t compete for attention but are everywhere as well. White space is equally important, as it can provide visual relief, contrast, and organization.

Define Your Tagline Feature a short description above the page fold of what you do and how you can help people. When people come to your site, it immediately lets them know if they’re in the right place and weeds out non- customers.

Be Consistent Stick to the same colours and designs as the trademark or signature for your personal brand. This ensures that no matter what you do, people will recognize you easily and come to expect consistency from your service

Provide Value For Free Offer visitors free content that solves one of their problems with no strings attached (no sneaky opt-in buttons). You’re basically letting them know you’re there and giving them a taste of what you do. The better your free content, the more people will desire your paid content, so be generous.

Invest In Professional Training By training, it doesn’t mean pay someone a one-time fee of a couple thousand dollars to create your entire site for you. Instead, it’s about investing time and effort into learning the skills you need to build a professional-looking site yourself.

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