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7 Things To Include In Your First Employee Survey

Question: What should I include on my first-ever employee survey and why?

Diana Goodwin, AquaMobile
“It’s important to leave space for an open-ended text question. Your employees’ responses may surprise you in terms of what is important to them and what they think is going well and not so well within the company. If enough people mention the same pain points that management didn’t even think of, these issues should be tracked for improvement.”

Adam Steele, Loganix
“This is roughly the first question sent out by a tool we use to poll our team members called TINYpulse. It, among other things, helps us gauge and track our team’s happiness levels. This can be a hard thing to do across an organization, and TINYpulse makes it much easier. Using the anonymously provided answers to the weekly questions, I can get to work on making people happier.”

John Rampton, Calendar
“Ask your employees: “If we had one month left of payroll left in the bank, what is one thing you would do for our company to make it profitable and survive?” This will help them think outside the box on what’s working and what people care about the business from an outside perspective.”

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