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Aashish Beergi, CEO, Mash Project on ‘surviving 1st year of entrepreneurship’

I did my bachelor’s in business studies from Jamia Millia Islamia in New Delhi.
Mash Project is a non profit organization and we basically aim at empowering more and more young entrepreneurs who wants to start up in the social sector space. We create platforms and programs to support more like minded young people who are doing good work as a social entrepreneurs.

I like to share a few tips on how do you survive the first year as an entrepreneur
One of the things that I personally think always come in handy is the right kind of mentor so if you know the right kind of people who have gone through that kind of journey you can access them for any kind of issues that you face. So always build a diverse pool of mentors and maintain a
good relationship with them so whenever you need any support they are available

Second thing is building a great team. So if you have a good team that always supportive of each other. You are able to pull out of a difficult situation together as a team. Build a great team and have a good relationship with team members.

Third is perseverance. Lot of us give up when we are very close to making it right there. Another key area is to have a very strong belief in oneself and your own gut feeling. Sometimes the closest people to you will doubt your decision and you may start questioning why I became an entrepreneur. And that’s where you need a strong self-belief.