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Aashish Beergi, CEO, Mash Project on surviving 1st year of entrepreneurship

According to #Aashish Beergi, CEO, Mash Project, this is how you can survive the first year of #entrepreneurship.

Get the right mentors: Good mentors become a point of access for any issues you face. So build a diverse pool of mentors and maintain good relations with them.

Build a good team: A team which is supportive of each other is an asset. Invest in finding the right people to build a great team

Perseverance: A key factor to survive the first year. You will need lots of it.

Believe in your gut feeling: Don’t doubt your own decisions. A very strong self belief is what you need to become a successful entrepreneur.Aashish Beergi, CEO, Mash Project on ‘surviving 1st year of entrepreneurship