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Are You Creative Enough To Be An Entrepreneur?

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Over the last half a decade or so I’ve noticed myself being a little more creative when being told no… or that’s never been done before… or that’s impossible. I’ve finally started putting the pieces together and realized… it solved an amazing puzzle.

Entrepreneurship Takes Creativity.

But not in a way you might think. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You have to be creative about solving a problem in the market place. You have to be creative when people tell you no. You have to be creative when shit hits the fan… because let’s face it… it’s going to happen.

So how on earth do you know if you’re born with this amazing talent? Well ask yourself,

When is the last time you were told no?

Was it recently? Was it awhile ago?

What did you respond with? What was your mood? What was your next step?

If you put me in a room of people and they each asked me for something… anything at all and I told them no… I could tell you immediately who’s good at sales and entrepreneurship and who will hit a brick wall.

Rejection happens

Get over it. Learn how to use it to your advantage. I’ve had brilliant ideas that were worth millions… and I got shot down. Next step? Over come it, if I fail at that… Ask them for referrals, After that? Try a new perspective? Didn’t work again? Find someone else to pitch to as if it was my first and my last pitch of my entire life. Eventually you will break through… you’ll become more creative and you will solve those problems.

So Are You The Type To Dominate The “No’s?”

If you aren’t the type to handle the No’s that’s okay. You can still learn how to become a creative person who solves problems like a champ and dominates No’s.

How? I would suggest investing into a program from someone who dominates in these categories. Find someone who absolutely crushes it. Figure out how they approach things, Research and learn.

Act as if you’re getting a 4 year degree on the art of handling objections.

Study, Test, Study, Test, Study, Test. Make It Happen.

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