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Ashwin Jayapalasingham, Catchthatbus, Malaysia: Winning Growth Strategy

We’ve actually invested a very a lot of time and effort into the brand and the
customer experience. So when you come to our site or when you use our app it’s all been designed with the end consumer in mind looking at how we can make it as easy as possible for

them to purchase a ticket. It should be so much easier for customers to purchase a ticket from us

through our app, through our website then going down to the counter. If you use our app now we’ve designed the app in such a way that you can purchase your ticket in less than 10 clicks. If your frequent user of our app it remembers your favorite trips. It remembers passengers names and stores credit card details so in less than 10 clicks you will have a ticket in hand. We’ve looked at all the different ways to enhance the experience for the customer.

Our customer hotline is open from 8.00 a.m. to 12pm. We’re looking at the possibility of extending it to 24 hours in future. Our emphasis on customer service and customer satisfaction is so much so that people prefer to buy from us rather than from the bus operators directly. Right now our focus is on the ticketing aspect of the business but we are also looking at the entire journey as well. So in terms of rating your journey in terms of your satisfaction from the bus stop is something that we’re looking to incorporate into the app as well so that we can have that active feedback session between the customer and ourselves between ourselves and the bus operators. We get to collate that feedback, look at the trends and advise our practice on how they can better improve themselves so more than just being a ticketing agent we want to be a trusted partner to the bus operators. We are looking at actually changing how the bus industry is working right now in Malaysia. So that is our and mission and aim to make bus travel safer, more comfortable and preferred. That is our branding and that is our marketing angle and the experience that we want to give to the customers.