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Building The Product Managers Of Tomorrow, Today

What happens when you have a product that sails the tide of competition effortlessly? You wade into the world bare-chested, confident to survive the test of time. And, when does this happen? When your product or service has found a loyal audience who swear by it even more than you!

The aforementioned is the dream of any organisation and to get that perfect product or service whose loyal audience does not leave. Companies spend plenty of time and resources to make the perfect cut! A key player in this entire process is the product manager.

Today product management is the lifeblood of any organisation and is looked upon as a bridge between the engineering and marketing functions. Understanding the user and developing a product which serves their needs, while remaining ahead of the competition is the key requirement of any product manager. With technology diminishing the boundaries across the globe, the role of a product manager is all the more prominent today.

To address this growing need of diverse product managers for startups, organisations et al, Pragmatic Leaders was founded by Talvinder Singh in February 2018. Their flagship Pragmatic Product Leader course is attempting to champion the cause of bringing Product Management into mainstream industry discourse. And more importantly, laying a structured path for becoming a product manager.

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