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Failures can be winners if new entrepreneur has his way

After seeing many people failing to cut it in business and give up, a local musician and businessman has come up with a novel way of getting things back on track.


Sello Mangwana, one half of Kwaito group Ruffest, hosted the Failures Are Winners Seminar at Maphindis in Nyanga over the weekend.

He invited local entrepreneurs who continued with their businesses despite failures to take part. “I wanted to bring people that are from our areas faced with challenges and have triumphed.

“We had speakers such as Bheki Kunene who runs a successful digital company, Phila Magidigidi who has his own branded water, Jacques Mbebe who specialises in media and communication, Tumelo Phudumo from TP Marketing and communications. These guys spoke of their challenges and how to keep working,” said Mangwana.

He said that he chose these particular entrepreneurs because they were local and they were doing great work.

“Its important to show that successful people face the same challenges.”

What I have personally gained from listening to them speak during the event is that one must always push forward even though you don’t see any sign of success,” he said.

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Magididi said innovation and thinking out of the box was the crux of the matter.

He is the founder of Phila Water and sneaker cleaning business called Takkie Wash Kings.

“It’ ok to start small but we should work towards bigness. We need to find solutions for our problems,” he said.

Magidigidi said that he enjoyed the event because it was interactive and it was real people that have stumbled but prospered in the end.

Mangwana said he is writing a book titled Orphans Are Superheroes because “I want to motivate orphans to understand that they can change the world.”

If you look at the story of Batman and Spiderman they were orphans, but they went on to do great things. This is the message we need to drive into young children, that they can do good,” he said.

He said that the book will be released in July.

“You don’t have to see where you are going but you must have faith and keep going forward. I wanted locals and I believe everyone has dreams and it was not for a certain people.”

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