Disability Slideshares


Albert Einstein: Einstein is a notable physicist of all time. He had learning disability in his childhood. He could not talk till he was three and could not read till he was eight. Despite such problems he later became the noble prize winner for his contribution to Physics. His theory of relativity is considered as a revolutionary development in Physics. He bagged the Noble Prize in Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the Photoelectric Effect and for his research in Theoretical physics.

Thomas Edison:
Edison, the great inventor who has over 1000 patents, could not read till he was 12 and later he himself admitted that he became deaf after pulling up to a train car by his ears. His one of the most popular invention is the Electric Bulb. His invention of carbon telephone transmitter developed the carbon microphone which was used in the telephone till 1980. He also became a prominent businessman and his business institution produced his inventions and marketed the products to the masses.

Ludwig van Beethoven:
Beethoven, the great German composer and musician was deaf in the later part of his life. In his early life he was famous as a pianist. He had some mysterious power which led him to create one famous composition after another. He went to Vienna and learned many things from some of the prominent musicians. After 28, he started becoming deaf and his personal life was not so peaceful. He composed many piano Sonatas such as Waldstein, Appassionata etc.

John Milton: Milton, the great English poet, widely known for his epic “Paradise lost”. However, before writing this famous epic he became blind at 43. Blindness could not make him stop form practicing literature. He is considered as the most learned English poet as he had knowledge in different disciplines including theology, philosophy, history, politics, literature and science before starting to write poems.

Stephen Hawking:
He is considered as the greatest scientist of the twentieth century after Einstein. Hawking’s big bang theory and the black hole theory caught the attention of the world. A professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge with his teachings disseminated through a computer supported machine, his physical illness could not stop his research.

Tanni Grey-Thompson:
Tanni Grey is the famous athlete of the Para Olympics. This disabled athlete is wheel-chair bound. She won 16 medals including 11 golds and she holds over 30 world records in Para Olympics. She also won London marathon six times. Tanni was awarded OBE for her contribution the disabled sport.

Marla Runyan:
This prolific American runner is the first blind competitor in Olympics. Blind at birth, her mental strength drove her to compete with other athletes at the highest level in 2000. She also participated in the Para Olympics in 2000. Marla set many records in the Para Olympics in Atlanta. She showed the world that quality and mental strength can make everything possible.

Walt Disney: This famous producer, director, animator had earning disability in his early life. Disney was famous for story telling, and he had some intuitive power of making animation and theme park design. Disney World is the brain child of this prolific animator but he could not see his own creation as he died before the completion of this project. Disneyland is now very popular among the children.

Michael Bolton: This famous pop and rock singer was deaf but he overcame all hurdles to make a mark for himself in the music world. He was famous for his soft rock ballads. His albums sold 53 million copies. His biggest success came in the mid-thirties as a solo vocalist and he got his first contract for his record at the age of 15. Some of his famous solo works are Everybody’s Crazy, Soul Provider, My Secret Passion etc.