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Ghanaian entrepreneur inspires students

BUSINESS ideas can be found everywhere but they are meaningless if consumers do not accept them.

This was the advice from Ghanaian entrepreneur Nana Tweneboa-Boateng to students at Namibian tertiary institutions where he said if they have a business idea, they must scrutinise it and see if it can be turned into an opportunity, through hard work.

He was speaking on the last day of the Student Entrepreneurs Programme (SEP) conference held at a Windhoek hotel.

Tweneboa-Boateng told the students that while ideas come free, opportunities do not.

“Ideas do not need customers to survive, but opportunities need customers to survive,” he said.

The chief executive of business training company Empretec Ghana said customers need to come as a prerequisite in order for an opportunity to survive.

“If an opportunity emerges, see that it can last for a long time,” he said.

He further said for student entrepreneurs to identify opportunities, they must observe their environment.

“Identity the problems around that environment and see if you can solve them. If you can do that, customers are ready to pay for the solution,” he said.

He further advised the students to see the changes in their environment.

“Look at political changes, economic trends as well as social issues,” he advised.

“Look at how consumers spend their money. What are they trying to wear now? What are they eating? What are they doing for fun?” he said as he warned students against taking technological advancement for granted.

“Some of you are on WhatsApp but you just use it to discuss unimportant things. See what your friends are talking about and look for opportunities there,” he said.

He told his audience to be on alert for opportunities at all times.

“As we come out of this conference, we should keep our antennas up. They must always be looking for opportunities,” he said.

“Keep your eyes open,” he added.

The Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Innovation on Tuesday launched SEP to give business-minded students a platform to cultivate entrepreneurial minds and skills.

The underlying aim of SEP is to help young Namibians to build a nation of job creators instead of job seekers, according to the ministry.

The two-day conference saw local business personalities such as First Lady Monica Geingos, O&L Group chairperson Sven Thieme, northern businessman Ben Zaaruka and Windhoek entrepreneur Twapewa Kadhikwa inspiring students from different institutions.

One such student is Lucas Shigwedha, a final year music student at the College of the Arts

He told The Namibian in an interview yesterday: “This was really worthwhile. I now have so many ideas on how to get into entrepreneurship as I always dreamed of. I am ready to go out there and give it a shot,” he said.

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