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Government to integrate life skills into technical training

The Kenyan government is integrating life skills into Technical Vocation Education Training (TVET) to ensure technical students from institutes are well equipped with skills needed in current labour market.

State department of vocational and Technical training Principal Secretary Dr. Dinah Mwinzi said equipping them improves their employability throughout different career pathways.

“One does not need only technical but life skills of the 21st century such as ICT and entrepreneurship that will make them better workers in a globalized economy”, she said.

The PS who was speaking during a regional knowledge sharing workshop on life skills and career guidance in Nairobi.

She said that the Ministry has developed a life skills curricula that is in place and that they are in the process of training teachers in order for them to teach and model students on real life situations.

She noted that a combination of technical and employability skills make a person very competitive and this can only be achieved by looking at the current skills mismatch in the work place and coming up with programs and solution to fill those gaps.

“The ministry of education is geared towards on developing each learners potential to fit into the world, have the right skills , the right attitude in order for the country to develop”, she said

Dr. Mwinzi noted that the government is now focusing on competencies knowledge and not just describe knowledge like it has been done in the past saying through more of learning skills and exhibiting them ensures students are comfortable working only locally but in the region as one fulfills their expectations.

In an effort to prepare young people to live meaningful, sustainable and responsible lives, a shift of focus is taking place in education from cognitive skills towards recognition of the importance of non cognitive skills in line with global trends.

Director general of TVETA, Dr. Langat Kipkirui said the shift is now towards high technology , service oriented and self directed work teams since it has been realized hat technical skills alone do not make someone competitive in the job market.

The work place is one of the fastest changing in the world today, and skills and knowledge are the engines of economic growth and social development “, he said.

Dr. Langat noted that it is imperative to create strong synergies and sharing of knowledge on ways to equip young people with the skills for career planning and career management and ways to combine classroom education with work place and technical training.

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