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How I Became A ‘Professional Entrepreneur’ And How You Can Too

Entrepreneurism is a journey, or at least it has been for me. What my journey has revealed over the years is that, much like traditional professions, there is a learning curve that you must respect and allow for, to assure yourself some reasonable amount of success.

Born to be a Professional Entrepreneur

Some say that people are “born” entrepreneurs, or “natural” entrepreneurs. This may be so, as much as a doctor or engineer may also be born to be in their respective profession. However, most us require education and training.

All professionals – physicians, lawyers, engineers and accountants – go through rigorous training and education to master their respective fields. This is also true for professional entrepreneurs.

Think of this: would you want the guy designing the bridge over that 1,000 foot gorge, doing so as his first project out of school? How about having your appendix removed by a newly-minted doctor performing his first surgery? In both of these scenarios you may be lucky, but do we want to count on luck in those situations, or skill and experience? The same holds true in creating a start-up business like mine, Efferent Labs.

The question then lies: how do I become a “Professional Entrepreneur”? One who has knowledge and experience to perform at the top of their game?

Most colleges and universities offer basic and advanced business courses designed to teach general, traditional concepts. However, even though these courses are necessary to learn foundational business principles, they don’t teach you how to be an entrepreneur. They only provide a roadmap. You must also learn specific skills and knowledge in a very non-traditional way if you seek to excel as an entrepreneur.

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