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How international work experience will make your startup a success

We are living in the age of entrepreneurship. One after the other, startups are mushrooming around the country. Entrepreneurs are starting to think big and are looking up to their counterparts abroad for managerial, organisational, technological and operational inspiration. Along with these changes, we are also seeing the rise of a new breed of global entrepreneurs. Many successful professionals are returning to India to kick off their startup dreams after having gained international experience from reputed organisations. There are many such success stories like that of Ambarish Gupta, who left his job at Microsoft to start the cloud telephony service Knowlarity, and Kunal Bahl, of Snapdeal, to point out. To get a fresh global perspective, international work experience is definitely helpful. Here’s how it will help drive your startup to success:


A study published in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Research found that entrepreneurs with functional international experience developed an open mindset to keep learning from new opportunities. This creates a fertile ground for generation of new business ideas, says the study, which was conducted using data collected from 291 Swedish entrepreneurs. Those who have been exposed to international work cultures will be more open to upgrading their skills with time and will also encourage the same among their employees, thus being able to reap the benefits of newer technology and a skilled workforce.

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