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How To Develop The Skills That Are In Demand At Top Companies Like Google

Communicate With Clarity Women are innately good and intuitive communicators, so use your voice. You will become more effective if you embrace your comfortable communication ideals. If you need a meeting agenda and a day to think about your points before attending a meeting, say so. If you do your best brainstorming work in a small group of 2-3, set up that situation. Start with friends and co-workers who are receptive to your message, and then work up to people who challenge you more. Connections start when people feel safe enough in a group to share. By creating this dynamic with your own example, you will strengthen your team and help it perform better.

Practice Emotional Intelligence Show empathy – starting with yourself. It begins with understanding your working style, and supporting yourself to create a stable base. Create an “internal” personal leadership strategy for your eyes only. A personal leadership strategy outlines how you plan to work with subordinates, colleagues, and supervisors in a variety of situations Your personal leadership strategy is a living document that details the DNA of your approach, and it will change as you grow as a leader. When you put your ideas to paper, you will feel much more confident and secure in your ability to handle leadership challenges as they arise.

Apply Diplomacy To Conflict Your thoughtful nature can make you a wiz at handling conflict, even if you don’t really enjoy it. It all comes back to empathy, ease of communication, and the gift that many women have for reading people. When conflict arises, start by listening before you speak. The more you understand about the other person’s side and the emotions or preconceptions that are leading them, the better you can present your argument. When there is conflict between teams, you can use your skills to facilitate a conversation with clear action steps between groups. Being the person who runs interference is a powerful leadership skill.

Keep Score Keeping a daily journal of what went well and not so well each day can be a very insightful tool. This process allows you to separate the emotion from the situation, and to see business successes and failures for what they really are. It also shows progress and is an opportunity to celebrate your wins, instead of holding yourself to standards that are unrealistic. A journal like this also helps you identify your gaps, and make a plan to fill them. Some people use it as a means to shut the door at the end of the each day, and to get the day’s activities out of your system, putting you in a neutral space of innovation for the next day. And as you develop solutions for recurring conflicts, you will find that you can bring some of these ideas into the general business agenda as well.

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