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Indore: Business is beyond I, Me and Mine: Advani

“It is important for a budding entrepreneur to work selflessly and as a team to be successful in business and life. Business is beyond I, Me and Mine.” Thus spake the head of marketing and PR at Mahindra SSG, Manish Advani while addressing the second and concluding day of i5 Summit, the largest entrepreneurial event of central India organised jointly by IIM Indore and IIT Indore, here at Indian Institute of Management on Sunday.

The two-day summit saw a galaxy of speakers, who motivated students to take entrepreneurial route to success. Advani, who is also a TEDx speaker and award-winning storyteller and songwriter, spoke about three important lessons for entrepreneurs. Interacting with students, he asked them about the way to go beyond ‘I, Me and Mine’ — the first golden rule. He emphasised upon the importance of being ‘Baahubali’ in real life and move towards a team attitude. Working towards the well-being of a group eventually leads to personal development in the long run, he argued.

The second lesson was most known but least followed: learning to share and care. Here Advani put more focus on the need of sharing knowledge and service to address the problems that normally occur with peers, friends and colleagues.
Citing a video, he also explained the importance of doing small things in a big way. He said, “Figure out what you are not going to do, but who you’re going to be; and the rest will follow.”

The third lesson taught about being out of comfort zone at all times. Advani stressed on the significance of not being complacent in life and striving effortlessly round the clock to create a vibrant future. He concluded his talk by advising to be grateful in life towards people, who had been pillars of your life. Earlier, co-founder and governing council member of iSPIRT, Sharad Sharma delivered the keynote address. He talked about the contemporary digital revolution and highlighted the progress being made towards a paperless, cashless society.

In his speech, MD and CEO of Axis Securities, Arun Thukral highlighted the importance of catching hold of important opportunities that “Knock softly”. He also emphasised that seizing opportunities regularly is what would lead to bigger changes in the world and corroborated the claim by narrating his journey of adapting to changes and their outcomes.

Head of Strategy of Bira91, Anubhav Modi in his address invigorated students by suggesting them to take risks and explore zones that are miles apart from one’s comfort zone. He highlighted that “Failure has been a part of all the successful journeys. Persistence and passion to drive a change in the society is the first step to actually bring about a change and addition of value to the world. Along with risk, innovation is an integral part of any idea that has materialised and is creating value for the people today.”

The closing address was delivered by founder and executive director of The Walking School Bus, Aaron Friedland, who spoke about empowering access to education through a holistic model that leverages innovative technologies. His anecdotes and experiences of implementing development programmes in Uganda were enlightening, entertaining and heartening, like his “Beans vs. Spinach” story and touching testimonials by those who have benefitted from the use of the reading application SiMBi.

Much to the delight of students, he announced the launch of a competition at the summit- ‘Searching for Jugaad’. The winner will be awarded with $1000 to help implement their innovation for ‘The Walking School Bus’ at the contest.

15 startups pitch for funds

The flagship event of the i5 Summit, ‘Get Funded’ saw around 15 startups pitching for funds. Investors from various firms, including Matrix Partners, Ah! Ventures and Artha Ventures participated in the event. Some great ideas were presented to begin the event, followed by an engaging Q&A session with the investors. Ideas ranging from second hand book selling to 3D maps impressed the audience and investors alike. Bollywood, which delivers official Bollywood accessories and apparel, grabbed the attention of the investors for providing a unique shopping experience. Another venture, Shantha Farms is in the business of providing 100 per cent pure and clean milk in Madhya Pradesh. Cutting Edge Medical Devices is another startup, which has been working on a device that provides accurate pathology test reports, showcased the concept required a funding of about Rs 500 Crore. Four outstanding startups received special recognition – DronaMaps, Shantha Farms, Dream World and Cutting Edge Medical Devices. Another event, Startup Expo, hosted over 30 startups from all across the country.

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