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Low-cost business ideas for the eager entrepreneur

Besides coming up with a business plan and fine-tuning it, you will need to look at long-term prospects and the financial aspects, too, when you’re starting a business. If you are running low on capital but high on ambition and passion, you need business ideas that can be got off the ground with minimum to no investment but can later grow to major enterprises.

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Look out for would-be entrepreneur opportunities that hold your interest, can be run from home to save you costs on office space, can function with just you and maybe a couple of more employees at the most and can be expanded into a larger entity when they turn profitable. Here are a few that might be suitable for you.

Entrepreneurship in india

Professional cleaning services will be in demand as long there is enough dirt to go around. There are two segments in this category – consumer and commercial – and both have immense potential for a budding entrepreneur. As a business that can be operated from home and can be a part-time or full-time venture, it gives some flexibility. Investment can also be kept to a minimum while the profitability quotient is high.

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