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Meet Manasi Joshi – The National Para Badminton Player Whose Inspirational Story Is Going Viral

Mansi Joshi has been playing badminton since she was ten. Having won several competitions at school, college and district level — she wouldn’t let anything get between her and her passion for the game.

In her own words to DNA, “Badminton gives me a sense of freedom. For an athlete not having a completely ff functional leg is very difficult. K. I However, badminton is my sport and I will do everything it takes to master it, with or without a leg”.

Joshi has a regular job at an IT company in Vikroli where she works as a software engineer.

“What got me through this whole ordeal is acceptance — that this is my fate, now I can either choose to cry about it, or take it with a pinch of salt and push myself. ..I picked the latter. In fact when people used to come to visit me in the hospital and get emotional — I would tell them jokes to make them laugh, ” Manasi told Humans Of Bombay.

She is now preparing for National Games and International Championship in Turkey next year.

When people ask Manasi how she does so much, her response is — “What’s stopping you? ”

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