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The Never-Ending Journey: In Search of Product-Market-Fit

Many potentially great companies fail each year because, while they have an incredible product, they don’t figure out how to get it to market fast enough. Figuring out how to reach customers and break through to Product-Market-Fit remains one of the hardest parts of building a successful startup.

This post introduces a four stage framework and checklist for founders to use when searching for Product-Market-Fit (P-M-F) and exploring the early phases of finding a repeatable sales process. It will help you 1) initiate understanding of the market landscape and the pain point you’re solving, 2) learn how to gain access to initial customers and start to understand your machine, 3) prove out the market and underlying components of the machine, and ultimately 4) scale to gain market share. It also provides a measuring system to determine whether you have reached Product-Market-Fit.

For this post I interview Guy Cohen, the CRO at a New York startup called Wonder, to talk about their search for Product-Market-Fit (P-M-F) and the checklist he built along the way.

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