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Lack of professional skills in job seekers moving to Gulf for jobs, are being exploited at workplace believes NGO’s Welfare Society.

NGO’s helping them to get job’s in Gulf are of the opinion that they should be certified in various technical skills in order to work there.

The first initiative taken up was by the YSR Government to help the job seekers with giving them training and certifying the candidates in various technical skills in order to get jobs in Gulf and it did so continued till Congress Government was in power said Ex- Minister Mohammed Shabbir Ali.

He quoted saying “We trained about 10,000 workers in construction works, plumbing, electrical works, carpentry and others at National Academy of Construction. Labour without skills or those who were semi-skilled got professional with 4-month courses. The government released funds for accommodation and other expenses for trainees during the training period. Based on these certificates, they got jobs in Gulf. The present government is neglecting such training programs.”

The government should establish a new body to train job seekers in Gulf says M. Kodandaram, Chairman of Telangana Joint Action Committee

Welfare NGO’s who are working towards the progress of job seekers in Gulf are warning them about the categories of visas and the local laws of the country they are moving to work with.

President Shaik Chand Pasha of Welfare Members Society advises candidates to be cautious to not fall into traps of agents who would mousetrap them by offering ‘Azad Visa’s’ which gives a permit to the worker to work for consistent two years.

He continued “Azad visa is for poor Arabs who are willing to establish a small scale unit. But, corrupt Arabs sell the Azad Visa to agents at 10,000 Saudi Riyals and the agents sell it to Telugus for Rs 2 lakh to Rs 3 lakh. Many victims feel that it is a royal visa but it is illegal”.

The Indian workers have to look out for a new job as the local who sells the Visa to the agents, takes it back by providing Akama.

Gulf Returnee Chand Pasha quoted “To avoid legal issues, they hand over the passport of the Indian worker and tell the local governments that the worker has run away. If the police catches the worker elsewhere during raids, they lodge him in jail”.

Workers are being exploited every now and then especially women by agents, who trick them to earn money from them as well as their Kafil’s.

He further explained “The agents collect Rs 1.6 lakh from women on the pretext of offering jobs as domestic helps at a salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 per month. Out of the Rs 1.6 lakh, the agent collects 50 percent as his commission and gives them a visit visa. Once in the Gulf, he hands the women over to another agent and collects up to Rs 1 lakh from them. The agent in the Gulf sells the women to any kafil, which does not give them a single penny towards salary and treats the worker as bonded labour”.

He warned the job seekers to leave only when they get their Employment Visa’s, which will be provided by the Companies or the Gulf employer.

“Vakala visas given by employers are valid in Arab countries, but that given by agents are not valid” clarified Chand Pasha, as reported in DC.

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