Disability Slideshares

Stories of disability transformed into ability

“I had enjoged the luxurg of being abled For over I9 gears and suddenlg I was disabled. making me Feel horrible. But life is about living the best with what gou have. Miss Wheelchair India is a huge opportunity For disabled people like me to come out and tell the world that we are as normal as the abled. ” Priga Bhargav (ill) from Delhi Disabled due to sgstemic lupus ergthematosus or lupus. a rare disease that left her with a damaged spine

“Commuting in the city for a disabled person is quite a task. But my first _job refused to provide me transport. I worked like this for over three years. challenging myself to prove others wrong. Today. I am working in IBM and my workplace is highly friendly with all facilities being provided. I am inspired by Sushmitha Sen and want to emulate her personality on stage. ” Sreelatha KS (3!) from Bengaluru Affected by polio since childhood

“Our disability is never a disability as we have each other to support and cry along with. Because we both know what the other one is going through. our likes and dislikes too are similar. ” Manvita (25) and Sonakshi Bawa (3!) Affected by muscular dystrophy

“I was reluctant to contest. but to my surprise. I was selected as one of the top six contestants of Miss Wheelchair India 20I5. This pageant is to prove to people that our disability does not stop us from anything. ” Jayshree Kharatmol (3!) from Mumbai Affected by polio since childhood

”Fashion is not just about wearing grand clothes and makeup. Its about looking pretty without any external aid. I have faced discrimination in the city as opposed to my hometown. But we just have to tolerate everything and do what we want. I work in a mobile store and everyday I commute 25 km to work and back. Now I’m used to this kind of a life. ” Chaya Kosthi (28) from Bengaluru Affected by polio since childhood

“I erjoys doing yoga every morning. It keeps hme calm and helps in dealing with my disability. I couldn’t have asked for more in life. Im so happy and proud of myself. I’m here to represent all the disabled people and to give them power. ” Sneha Khaitan (29) from Bihar Affected by muscular dystrophy