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That is a long title, yes. But the book by Steve Blank is not a very big book on its own. The book can almost pass of as a practical work up for startups; one of the reasons for its popularity. The book caters to a specific audience: an entrepreneur looking to launch and wannabe entrepreneurs in the stage for making business plans or marketing plans. Within this audience, Blank’s book is meant for the tech world. So if you belong to this audience, the book is almost a textbook level must read. Steve Blank offers some profound insight when he stresses on the importance of customer development, alongside product development. The book focuses on reverse engineering, where you’re asked to refine your product based on the needs and expectations of the targeted customer base: gathered from interacting with the said audience.

Blank emphasizes on how this little step is often missed by startups and leads to their failure. The book has some some amazing examples, making them a great learning experience by offering a post-mortem of sorts for startups that failed.

One minor critique for the book here is that, the obvious focus is on enterprise level products, business to business, and not too much is explored on the business to customer side. So keep that in mind when you pick this book up to read. Also, the book can be a tad difficult to read, but when you get past few of the difficult bits, what you take away is great.

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