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Are You Sure You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

Everyone wants to be a CEO, which is why you see so many incubators , accelerators , mentors and coaches who are happy to help you start your start-up.

Another huge influx is of potential entrepreneurs is going to come from all the engineers who have been laid off from companies like Infosys and Cognizant . They have corporate experience , and because they understand how the business world works, many of them are going to get the itch to become founders, because there aren’t enough corporate jobs available.

It’s good for the country if we have lots of entrepreneurs, because start-ups can potentially add a lot of value to the economy. They create jobs and improve the quality of life by solving pain points for consumers.

However, the problem is that the idea of becoming an entrepreneur has been made out to be far sexier than what it really is. Reading hagiographies about successful founders who’ve created unicorns and become rich quickly can be very inspiring. All aspiring entrepreneurs think of themselves as being the Steve Jobs, but they are completely clueless about the sacrifices which founders need to make to reach their goal.

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