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The 8 Essential Skills a Marketer Needs to Be Successful Today

Be Influential Online

Today’s marketer must be influential online and savvy with social media marketing. To do that, they need to be an active participant in the social networks that best align with their company’s business interests.

Be Data Savvy

Marketers must be data savvy, and able apply analytical thinking to alter their campaigns to align with what the data is telling them about customer needs. If a marketer is unable to properly interpret data it can lead to some huge misses for the company due to wasted efforts targeting the wrong prospects.

Skilled In Tech
It is clear that technology is the driver for many of the changes we have seen in marketing. It is critical that they grasp the strategy behind the use of technology in the organization and be able to fully leverage the tools they are given.

Be A Researcher
It is imperative that a marketer also be a researcher. They must be able to quickly find information that pertains to their campaigns. Additionally, marketers need to be able to crowd-source to gather relevant data points from focus groups. Marketers need to be able to stay on top of industry trends and key insights.

Engage With Customers
With social media, marketers are engaging more with customers now than ever. Thus,customer experience is also a skill that a marketer in today’s digital world must have. Marketers must be in tune with what constitutes a great customer experience at their organization, and it should shine through in their campaigns.

Be A Skilled Writer
A marketer must be a skilled writer. They need to be able to create compelling content that tells their company’s story. Not only should a marketer have a way with words, but they need to know how a thing or two about formatting, titles, keywords, and choosing attention- grabbing visuals.

Be Collaborative

A marketer needs to be collaborative and able to develop strong bonds with other internal teams like sales. Marketers also manage many vendor relationships. Within their company a marketer must keep up on all developments on the product side.

Develop Leadership Skills
A marketer that has developed strong leadership skills will tell you that it is impossible to have true expertise within every one of these facets of marketing.