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Tiny Steps, giant strides! – Poonam Shroti

An MBA in Finance with a Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management, Poonam was qualified, talented and educated but still could not get a decent job like “normal” people

Suffering from Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Poonam is just a little over two feet in height but this did not stop her from positively impacting the lives of many. She converted her disability into an opportunity and started an organization to help the people around her.

Poonam started Uddip Social Welfare Society to help physically challenged people. “This recognition will help me work harder for people in need,” she says. Uddip Social Welfare Society has started a campaign ‘CanDo’ for the empowerment of disabled individuals.

Poonam has also begun focusing on blood donations and livelihoods. She has concentrated her efforts in rural areas, having completed a survey of one village already. She wants to make the women self sufficient by providing them with livelihood options.

Tiny Poonam has taken tiny steps, but soon these will become giant strides. Her joint family, and a huge circle of friends, keep motivating and encouraging Poonam.

As Poonam states, “If one’s willpower is strong, one is propelled to action, and when one takes that action, the path ahead becomes clear.”