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Validate your Startup Idea using keyword strategy

Do you have a Business Idea? You are excited, aren’t you?


With all the Startup hype around us. You are sure to get a great startup idea sitting on the toilet seat.

Not necessarily it’s a viable business idea.

You should consider researching before you put your step forward. One big reason for a startup failure is not validating the idea properly.

It’s Human behavior. You think that you are right !!

Well, if you are planning to take opinions from family and friends the suggestions might just be raw.

Instead leverage “DIGITAL MARKETING” to get opinions from Internet users worldwide.

Don’t be in the assumption that you are alone with the idea. Several blogs and forum are active with opinions from different geographies of people.

I have found a tool to gauge the need of your product/service. There are alternatives. However, I find this to be a very effective tool with simple installation procedure and completely free of cost.

Keywords Everywhere

If you want to buy something. The first step you take is to search on Google to read reviews, ratings and then decide to check out with the product or not.

It’s simple. You have a platform where people search for what they want. You just need to leverage Google to extract the customer’s search queries.

Steps to install Keyword Everywhere

Step 1: Open Chrome web store.

Step 2: Search for keywords Everywhere in the search bar.


Step 3: Add the extension to chrome


Step 4: Update the API Key

After you have successfully added the extension. You will be asked to enter your email ID. You will receive an email with API key.

Copy the API key and update it under the “update settings“.

Good. You have successfully installed the plugin.


Brainstorm keywords related to your idea

Example: You have an innovative idea to provide freshly made diet food for the fitness enthusiast.

Relevant Keywords:

  • diet food delivery in * location*
  • diet food online

I searched the above query on google and here are the results from keyword everywhere:

First result.

The results show me that with 1900 search/month the people are having the intent to use the service.

Second result.
The result from the above with 40 search/month gives us an idea that there is an upsurge from internet users to research about diet food/recipe online.

Also, we can see that the CPC is pretty high with competition, which means that there are competitors bidding for these keywords.

Conclusion: The idea of Diet food delivery is surely a viable business idea. However, there is a need to build an innovative product/service under this segment to cross the competition. Now it’s your turn to see if people really need what you want to sell.

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