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Where disability is not a deterrent – Anu Jain

Thinking bird, a smiling flower, a calm and peaceful horse… These startling and rare images which Anu Jain depicts in her paintings, are actually her way of communicating with the world around her.

Anu says, “One day , my mother gave me a brush and paint and asked me to draw on white canvas. I gradually felt interested and explored. I was home trained. My paintings are reflections of my thoughts. Most of my paintings have flowers, birds, the sunset and sunrise. No flower is dull in my work, they are bright and cheerful. Pink is the colour of hope, love and happiness and you can see many pink flowers in my work. All that art requires is focus and patience”.

Born without legs and rudimentary elbows, Anu has risen above her physical challenges. She paints, reads, photographs, and even plays the piano.

Currently settled in Bengaluru, she is set to teach painting at the Bhavan-BBMP school at Srirampuram. “Her interaction with students can make a tremendous impact both in their sense of art and their attitude towards life” says HN Suresh, Director, Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan.

Anu’s strength is her family. While her siblings help update her website regularly, her parents offer their unrelenting support.

Anu also loves to paint on X-ray sheets, and her ‘Ganesh on X-ray’ became a huge hit in the exhibition. When asked if she has any complaints from life, she said, “We do not have enough special schools, disabled-friendly roads and footpaths. (Do) Treat us like normal people”.

Let us encourage the tenacity and can-do attitude of Anu. Thank you