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Why ‘Failure’ Is An Important Lesson In An Entrepreneur’s Leadership Journey

Being a leader is undisputedly the toughest job possible. It is a job where you are answerable to not one but each and every person working under you. It may sound alluring at first, handling a bunch of people, making them work, ordering people around, making the big decisions, and being in power. But there goes a very famous saying: ‘With great power comes great responsibilities’.The pleasant thought of bossing everyone around can diminish into a sour feeling once you realise the number of duties, roles, and tasks associated with being a leader. And hence, not everyone can be a leader.

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So, Who exactly is a leader?

A leader is one who is not afraid of taking charge. One who is liable and shows perseverance. A person who is not afraid of taking risks, understands the meaning of power, and can communicate effectively.

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