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Young Indonesian entrepreneurs soak in Indian technology, research methods

Geraldi Dzakwan, a young entrepreneur and student from the Institute of Technology Bandung in Indonesia, is keen on knowing more about in-demand aspects of information technology (IT), such as artificial intelligence (AI). “If I can develop a start-up in this area, I will be quite successful,” Geraldi stated in a conversation with TOI, as he recalled his visit to a Nasscom start-up warehouse in Bengaluru three days ago.

“There will be many opportunities for start-ups in AI, cyber security as well as big data,” added Geraldi, who is currently building a mobile app to connect people.

His compatriot, Lia Andarina Grasia, who is pursuing a post-graduation degree in tourism business at Gadjah Mada University, Central Java, said, “I want to know more about IT and technology in India which is so different from Indonesia.”

In October 2014, Lia launched a start-up in travel and tourism sector which is now dealing with 24 countries. “There is potential for tourism in Indonesia as many Indians visit places like Bali for weddings and other Hindu temples,” she said.

Geraldi and Lia were among 12 students-cum-entrepreneurs from Indonesian universities, who are on a tour of India as part of the Indonesian foreign ministry’s Outstanding Student for The World (OSTW) program. OSTW aims at introducing Indonesia’s young generation to the global world of research, innovation and other businesses.

Saut Siringoringo, the Consul General of Indonesia in Mumbai, said, “These students represent Indonesia’s future business leaders. The object is to widen their horizon and enable them to develop a global mindset, so essential to deal with foreign companies in the future.”

Indonesian foreign ministry’s director of public diplomacy Al Busyra Basnur added, “As a young, developing nation, Indonesia has lot to learn from India, which has excelled in IT, start-ups and many other business areas.”

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